At Morralee Associates we know the importance of a good CV. One that will not only be formatted in a clear and concise manner but one which contains all the information our clients are looking for.

  • We take the time to meet you and go through your CV. We do this to ensure that we understand your skills, abilities and suitability for upcoming roles
  • We format your CV so that our clients know what to expect and where to find vital information but also to stress your achievements and strengths
  • We make sure that there are no typos, spelling or grammatical errors
  • We discuss any career gaps on your CV so that we can offer reasons to our clients if asked; they may include valuable experiences such as travelling
  • Do not lie on your CV or to us as the truth will often come out at interview and may cause an offer to be retracted

Basic information should cover:

  • Personal details, including name, address, phone number, email address
  • A personal profile which sells yourself and your qualities, tailored towards the job you are applying for
  • Key skills/Achievements from previous roles
  • Career history, starting with your most recent job first. Include dates and temporary or voluntary jobs if appropriate
  • Reasons for leaving the last 2 or 3 jobs
  • Reasons for gaps in career history, such as caring duties, travelling etc
  • Education – Most recent or highest first
  • Qualifications and training from previous jobs, with the most recent first
  • IT/Language skills if any
  • Hobbies/interests

If you do not have a CV we can assist in creating one for you or you can download a template